Lil Wayne 'Tha Fix Before Tha VI' Should Have Never Left The Vault?

Lil Wayne comebacks are as common as installments in Tha Carter series – the New Orleans native has found himself at crossroads many times, constantly being written off as washed only to bounce back with a lighter flick. For the past year and a half, Wayne has been on a feature tear, routinely usurping mics from whichever brave soul dishes him a verse (Nas’ “Never Die” or Metro Boomin’s “Annihilate.”)

Despite this impressive run, Wayne hasn’t proven he can still craft an engaging project since Funeral, his bloated 2020 album and last full-length solo drop. Enter Tha Fix Before Tha VI, Wayne’s holdover tape until his presumed next studio album, Tha Carter VI. “Mixtape Wayne” and “Feature Wayne” are both sorely missing on this aimless throwaway set. Read More on