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What do you think about Quando Rondo's recent activity on social media?

Quando Rondo Gets Tough On IG: I'm Thirsty For Some {BLOOD}

Quando Rondo is back to menacing his opps on Instagram.

Quando Rondo ended the year with a lot of media coverage stemming from his connection to King Von's shooting death. The Savannah, Georgia-based rapper was present on the scene where King Von lost his life. His associate, known as Lul Tim, reportedly fired the shots that ended Von's life after the rapper seemingly sucker-punched Quando, as allegedly seen on video. As Von's murder suspect remains behind bars, Quando is off the hook as it has been revealed that the rapper is not under investigation.

He has been moving around freely, appearing to be pretty unbothered about his connection to King Von's killing. At times, Quando has gotten pretty menacing with his threats on social media. He continued that activity with a new picture, posing with a couple of his homies, Crip bandanas, and guns.

"On Ralphie Grave I’m thirsty For Some [blood]," wrote the 21-year-old rapper on Instagram. "These N***as Think Sh*t Sweet Aint nobody Safe Not Even My kind , From Now On It’s My Way Or The Grave yard And I Mean That Sh*t."

Quando Rondo doesn't seem to be playing around anymore, and he's definitely ready to tell even more of his story on his upcoming release. The rapper has been teasing his next mixtape, saying, "Y’all B*tCh Ass N***az Keep Smaccin Y’all Lipz And Shakin Y’all Ass ! Y’all Really Gone Hate Me When My Tape Drop !"