Make sure you check out Coolkid Cannon (@coolkidcannon) and download his New Single "Bosses"

Andre " Coolkid Cannon" Jackson, was born March 29th in Milwaukee, WI, where he was also raised with his 2 brothers. Always fascinated by the rhythm of a beat and the unique flows of hip hop rappers, Cannon began rapping at the young age of 9. Cannon began writing his own lyrics over popular songs first. Then, Cannon's freshman year in high school (2007), he put a mixtape together with 4 singles "Big Hammas", "What Happened?", "I get money", & "Ya Digg". Which he passed around the school and quickly gained the attention of his peers around the city and fellow classmates. After High school Cannon and his family moved to Fort Myers, Fl (2011) in search of more opportunities for his music to be heard on a bigger scale.
Cannon then wrote over 80 songs which he put in a sports inspired series of mixtapes named 1st-4th Quarter. Shortly after getting his music heard in SWFL, he began performing at local nightclubs that he also promoted for with his older brother. Cannon entered a local poetry/talent contest where he placed 2nd, performing a remake to Drake's "Crew Love". To give his supporters a more visual insight of his music, he quickly began saving his own money to shoot his videos for upcoming singles. His official video for single "My Crew" gained over 10,000 views in a little over a week! With alot more buzz coming from the 21 year old rapper, the hot single was put into rotation on the local radio station 105.5 The Beat! Expect alot more from the young emcee in the near future!