50 Cent Makes Fun Of "Diddy" For Being Arrested at UCLA (News)

50 Cent mocks Diddy in a series of now-deleted Instagram posts. 50 Cent seizes any and every opportunity to throw some shade in Diddy's direction, thus yesterday, with the news that Diddy was arrested after attacking a UCLA coach, Fif hopped on Instagram to crack some jokes at Puff's expense. In a few recent interviews 50 has spoken on his dislike for "Puffy Juice," not elaborating further other than saying he's done some things Fif doesn't agree with. However the beef seems pretty light and one-sided (we don't really hear from Diddy on the matter). 50 threw jabs at Puff in a series of Instagram posts which refer to Diddy's arrest. In one video, 50 pretends to talk on the phone saying, "Yeah, man. They say Puffy went Ciroc Coco on the coach with a kettlebell. All this shit started since Drake, man. He be wanting to fuck everybody up. Yeah, man. I’m counting the bail money right now, so I can get him." In the process of writing this article, the Instagrams were deleted. 50 posted something else on Instagram in their place, which proclaims, "I didn't say nothing about puffy, I ain't build like that. I be scared to death." TMZ captured the video before it was removed, so you can watch that below. You can also see a screenshot of one his memes in the gallery above.


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