Fans Praise Safaree For Walking Away After Being Confronted by Goons In Brooklyn (News)

Sometimes it takes a real stand up guy to walk away from confrontation. Yesterday, Safaree was that guy. Yesterday footage emerged of Nicki Minaj’s ex Safaree getting approached by a gang of would-be thugs asking him to leave their block “or else.” Apparently the rapper was attempting to hit up Flatbush Brooklyn to shoot a video for his song ‘Multiply.’ But before the director could yell “cut,” SB was getting cut off by some goons who circled him, threatened him and followed him to his car. One even made the gesture of having a gun before an unbothered looking Safaree finally decided to head off. Once the video went viral, Meek Mill made sure to “like” it on IG …. and we all know a “like” is more than a “like” coming from Meek, considering he put hisbaby mother on blast just weeks ago for double-tapping Safaree’s pics while warning her not to get involved in the love triangle between him, Nicki Minaj and SB. Once Safaree’s followers caught wind of the Philly rapper’s shade, they flooded Meek’s comment section with “corn” emojis, calling him “corny” and “Corn Mill (cornmeal)” for what they felt was a shot at Nicki’s ex. Meanwhile, Safaree’s comments got hit with countless “trophy” emoji’s and praises from fans applauding him for walking away. “U earned my respect with the way U handled that situation. Showing the world what it means to be a real one. Proud of U. Keep grinding & stay blessed” “That video wasn’t even funny. It was disgusting to see how ppl still have that crab in a barrel mentality. Beefing over a block they don’t even own! Smh” @iamsafaree I think you are an incredible man! You conducted yourself extremely well around those people!! Don’t listen to them and continue grinding out here!! You have a lot of respect out here in the Bay Area!!! look up to you for walking away from those goons! What’s pretty interesting about all of this is that when the video first went viral, majority of the headlines actually mocked Safaree and tried to imply he got chased out of his own hood or rather, “punked.” However, the overwhelming response of those followers who laced SB’s comment section with trophies only proves that our generation is truly beginning to understand how much #AllLivesMatter. Between the police killings of young Black men throughout the past few years to the protestors that fought for justice in Ferguson, it just shows that none of it went in vain. Watching someone get run up on is not, nor will ever be funny. Meanwhile, it looks as though the guy who uploaded the video, ‘Killa Vuitton’ might be a friend of Meek’s. Before sharing the footage of his crew running up on Safaree to his Instagram page, “Killa” had shared a photo of him and Meek Mill posted up at the club. Meek also liked the original video from Killa’s page (not a repost online) minutes after he posted it. After the incident, rapper the game called into Shade 45 suggesting that Safaree should have defended himself versus “run off.” “Anybody see that n***a Safaree get ran off 43rd? [laughs] I met him before… thought he was a real stand up guy. Tell that n***a to go back over there and shoot his f**king video and f**k a n***a up.” Welp! No ego is worth a life and it’s okay to walk away, camera rolling or not. Catch the footage below:


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