A 21-year old aspiring rapper is suing Jay Z

A 21-year old aspiring rapper is suing Jay Z for allegedly blocking his paternity claim attempts.  Jay Z tends to avoid drama, whether it be baby mama drama or legal drama. Today though his name is in the news for both, at least, allegedly.  In a new lawsuit targeting Jay Z, an alleged love child born 21 years ago is claiming that Hov has blocked his attempts to get a paternity test, in order to prove that the music mogul is his father. The alleged son, Rymir Satterthwaite, claims that his mom hooked up with Jay two decades ago, before the fame (and Beyonce).  The civil suit is handwritten by a woman named Lillie Coley, who claims she's Rymir's (it's unclear what happened to Rymir's mother). Coley claims that Jay submitted "fraudulent info" to the court in order to negate Rymir's paternity claim. We do not know what this fraudulent info consists of.   Coley claims that because of this, Rymir has suffered financial and emotional damage. Jay Z's lawyers have yet to respond.