T.I WILL OPEN NEW RESTAURANT SOON!!!!T.I. sets his sights on the food industry, with a new southern cuisine restaurant in the works.T.I., ever the business man, is looking to start a new venture this year. The rapper and Atlanta native will be keeping his talents in the south as he plans to open up an upscale restaurant in downtown ATL.We don't have many details on the restaurant yet, but according to DISisHipHop  T.I. has already purchased a property in the downtown district, and renovations are underway. Although the restaurant does not have a menu or name in place just yet, the plan is to serve high-end southern food.Do you think T.I. will be successful in the restaurant business? He's one of several rappers who have dabbled in the food industry, including Rick Ross who owns multiple Wing Stops, as well as Cam'ron and Dame Dash who opened up a restaurant in Brooklyn.(News)