While Sean Kingston comes across as a low key guy, it seems the "Beat It" singer may turn up for the right reason: his money. According to TMZ, Kingston is being accused of having his security guards put hands on a club promoter who didn't pay up what was owed. According to sources, Kingston agreed to host and perform alongside Carmen Electra and The Jazmin Sisters at Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood for a predetermined fee of $11,000. While the promoter paid half up front, he felt Kingston didn't hype up the gig on social media enough and showed up 3 hours late, and therefore refused to pay the singer the rest. When the promoter refused, Kingston allegedly had his security hem him up against a wall and steal his watch, iPhone and a few grand in cash. Cops were called, although no one was arrested. Police confirm that the victim claimed Kingston OK'd the attack over money. The watch and iPhone in question were later found on the premises, but the cash was gone. Kingston has not been named as a suspect, and his bodyguards are listed as witnesses but deny any involvement. (news)