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Charlamagne receives boxes of Rose from Rick Ross (News)

Charlamagne receives boxes of Rose from Rick Ross, seemingly in response to his face-off with Birdman on The Breakfast Club last week. Charlamagne has received another shipment of bottles, this time courtesy of Ricky Rozay. At the end of July, after avowing do so on "Back to Back," Drake sent a peace offering to Charlamagne in the form of six bottles of Dom PĂ©rignon. A new shipment of bottles arrived in The Breakfast Club studio this morning -- six BOXES of Luc Belaire Rose, for which Rick Ross is a proud spokesman. While it's clear that Ross one-upped his bottle shipment, the move likely wasn't intended as a shot against Drake; however, the target could be Drake's boss, or "that pussy that you're signed to," as Ross rapped on "Color Money." During a December appearance on The Breakfast Club, Ross spoke out on his disrespect for Birdman, thus confirming the Cash Money boss as the "pussy" in question on "Color Money."

Prince sold Enough Albums On The Day Of His Death To (News)

Prince sold enough albums on the day of his death to take the top two spots on this week's Billboard 200 chart. Music fans everywhere are still in shambles in the wake of the shocking loss of Prince, who was found dead in his Minnesota estate on Thursday morning (Apr. 21). It is a testament to his far-reaching talent that the late icon has taken the top two spots on this week's Billboard 200 chart. According to Billboard, a greatest hits compilation of his, The Very Best of Prince, sold a reported 179,000 copies, claiming the No. 1 spot, and Prince's 1984 album Purple Rain took No. 2, selling 69,000 copies. Keep in mind that this week's chart accounts for the albums sold throughout the week of April 15 to April 21. That means the vast majority of those sales (248,000 in total) occurred on the same day as Prince's death. On April 21, his total album sales (The Hits/The B-Sides also landed at No. 6) amount to 256,000. There is likely still a massive influx in Prince's album sales that hasn't been accounted for, so expect those same albums to appear near the top of the albums chart next week as well. What's also incredible about Prince's posthumous album sales is that the majority of them they are just that -- pure album sales. On April 21, Purple Rain sold an actual 63,000 copies and The Very Best of Prince moved an approximate 100,000 in pure sales. The only online outlet that has made a large portion of Prince's discography available for streaming is Tidal. Thus, the numbers not included in pure album sales can mostly be credited to Tidal, which must be sitting pretty considering the surprise release of Beyonce's Lemonade.

iLoveMakonnen States that "OvO Didnt Want Him After He Lost Weight" (News)

iLoveMakonnen says OVO didn't want him after he lost weight. iLoveMakonnen made his departure from OVO appear amicable in an official statement released last week. "I cannot thank OVO, 40, Oliver, Future & Mr. Morgan, enough for all that they have done for my career," he wrote. "Sorry there’s no beef to report." But in a series of Snapchats posted over the weekend, Makonnen expressed bitterness at the ways things ended with Drake and OVO. "Views From the... What’s that nigga album?” he said. “What’s that dumbass album with the sky shit? Take Care or some shit?" He went on to explain that he believes his weight loss is the reason OVO lost interest in him. “’Why’d you leave OVO?’ Because I was underweight now,” he said. “When I was overweight, they were fucking with me. That’s what OVO stands for: ‘Overweight Only.’” Makonnen's DIY aesthetic, psychedelic voyages, were never in tune with the polished sound and image OVO has cultivated. He is still signed to Warner Bros, but as of Drink More Water 6, he is no longer affiliated with OVO. Makonnen later backtracked and expressed his admiration for Drake on Twitter. "I have nothing but love and respect for drake. Period," he wrote. Watch his anti-Drake/OVO snaps and his follow-up comments below.